Millennier Returns! More Wine Marketing Sassiness Imminent

Millennier is back

Am I even relevant anymore now that people know about millennials? Do people even remember me? If they do, am I just the 20-something that taught them to make a facebook page? What can I bring to the table that’s of value to the wine industry RIGHT NOW?

BREAKING: Winery Releases Wine


Napa, CA – In a stunning turn of events this morning, a Winery has publicly confirmed that yes, they are indeed releasing a Wine. Rumors began earlier this week, when a press release was sent to a select few in the know from a third-party source announcing that the Winery would be taking action. This announcement sent sparks flying through the industry, suggesting not only that the forthcoming Wine was picked as grapes, fermented, aged, and then bottled, but also was apparently quite an undertaking as it required “a thorough understanding… Read More »

Unwritten Research: Understanding Behavior Driving Trends

Research: Ur Usin It Wrong

Most consumer research tracks behavior: what is a specific region or demographic purchasing, what are the leading brands in a category, etc. OBVIOUSLY, this is valuable stuff, knowing consumer behavior trends.You know what’s even more valuable to know along with the data? WHY consumers are behaving in that way.

Washington Post: Wine & Millennials (oh yeah, and me too)


A little over a month ago, a journalist named Jason Wilson reached out to me for an article he was writing. An article for the Washington Post on… wait for it… marketing wine to millennials. The article is titled Hopes Of The Wine Industry Rest On Millennial Shoulders.

They times, they are a-changing.

The Secret To Using Pinterest As A Brand

Pinterest Grid

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Pinterest lately, and it’s become a big topic of conversation as the fastest growing social media platform at the moment. Everyone wants to know THE SECRET. I figured I’d post my advice and feel free to use or discard as you see fit. Oh. And it’s probably not what you want to hear.

The Missing Link Revealed

Winery Business Plan


Millennial Wine Buying Behavior Mirrors High End Consumer

Data from Wine Market Council

Today is a very special day for a wine marketing nerd like me, and it comes but once a year. I eagerly anticipate it for months and it shapes what I do for the year to come. It’s the day the Wine Market Council and Nielsen yearly report comes out. And today’s the day for me. Hooray! I should say, before I jump into my favorite bits (like I said: nerd), that there are some very interesting data in general and I highly recommend anyone interested check out the presentation once… Read More »

Millennial Buying Habits: New Data

Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 1.06.10 PM

New data on millennial buying habits by the folks at BazaarVoice focuses on social influence between generations. They are specifically focusing on User Generated Content (UGC), which essentially means user reviews in this case. I’ll be sure to publish any juicy info from the report, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on their infographic.  

New Millennial Friendly Brands To Watch

omg - so beautiful.

When I’m out speaking about marketing, especially millennial marketing, I often get asked the question “Who is doing it right?” For a long while there, I would answer by telling people to look outside of the wine industry. Sure, there have been brands (albeit few and far between) that attempt to reach out to this demographic… that doesn’t mean that they’re doing it right.  I certainly have my LEAST favorites – the one dimensional, the condescending, the identity-challenged, and the ever-present corporate mistakes – but this week is a week… Read More »

Everyone Loves A Montage

Illinois Sparkling Co. Stereo Blend

Well readers, it’s been a while. A long while. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back.I’d love to say that I’ve been off relaxing or recharging or whatever important thing people say they’re doing here in LA when they really just sit around all day drinking by the pool.No, fortunately things have been pretty exciting around these parts – some big changes have gone down and even more are coming.  I’ve even gotten the opportunity to work on a few dream projects (think big, people, very big) – more on this later. Now that… Read More »