Does the word(s) “foursquare” make you break out in a cold sweat? Is a “check-in” what you do with your boss on your “sick days?” Do you think LBS is a gastrointestinal medical condition? Then take a look at the following links* for a diy primer.

Be My Mayor Valentine Heart

Some Foursquare Valentine's humor.

As a note, I know many, many, MANY people who have been dismissing things like Foursquare because they “don’t get it.” Read on, and you will. No excuses. I also know about as many people who are dismissing this as what I can only describe as “kid stuff.” In case anyone reading is unfamiliar with this blog, I will say this. Those “kids” (those of age, anyway) are your current and future consumers. They are the future of your career, of the wine industry, and countless others. Not in a “Heal the World” way, but in a “look at the numbers” way. Please keep this in mind.

LBSwikipedia – the basics on LBS: Location Based Service.

Foursquare: Why It May Be The Next TwitterMashable – A Mashable article from July 2009. A great primer on Foursquare as well as some background on other examples of LBS (at the time, anyway). Don’t skip this one.

Why You Should Care About FoursquareNPR’s Marketplace – Transcript (or broadcast file) from March 2010 with Kai Ryssdal and Caroline McCarthy from CNET discussing the most basic concepts.

If You Use Foursquare, You Are An Annoying JackassGawker – Some hate from the folks at Gawker. This and a caption on LATFH basically make Foursquare an institution. Still waiting for the latter.

Foursquare For Businessfoursquare – The breakdown from the folks at Foursquare on how to set your biz up on Foursquare, along with a few examples of how to make the most of it.

The best way to learn more about Foursquare, of course, is to join as a user. Based on your own experiences, likes, dislikes, wishes, aspirations, and habits, you will be more able to create a great experience through your business for other users.

*No, none of these links has been archived and pimped out for subscription money as was the case with the original link in my last post (now fixed, no thanks to AdAge).