Millennial Stats from QSR and Pew Research

Pulled from QSR's article mentioned below, some great visualization of some crucial Pew data out earlier this year

So you want to know about millennials, eh? Well, don’t take my word for it – take a look at some of the latest headlines and get some important insights – as well as a bit of myth-busting – on this mysterious generation.

Restaurants Should Cater to the Millennial GenerationQSR Magazine – Despite a few trite and opinionated generalizations early in the piece, a very good article on how one industry is taking spending habits and trends among younger millennials into account.

Millennials Are Less Likely to Cut Spending During Recession press release & Accompanying Report – A press release and accompanying report summary put out by a research organization de-bunking the “buy cheap” myth of two segments of adult millennials.

Me Generation Actually the Us GenerationMiller-McCune – Another myth busted: the research-based Miller-McCune shows that the “tropy-kids” are showing an overwhelming sense of social responsibility.

How Millennials Measure GreedDallas Morning News – Though I’m sure this piece in the Dallas Morning News was supposed to be a cute and timely comment on the buzz of the new Wall Street movie, it’s actually a surprisingly insightful peek into the millennial generation’s concept of social currency.