Dear Readers,

Welcome back! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that you’re all having fun accidentally writing “2010” on important documents. Before the shine and sparkle of the New Year wears off completely, I wanted to take the opportunity to touch base and bask in its retreating glow for just a second by mentioning a few exciting updates:

New Agency: Millennier, Inc.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve launched a new online marketing agency named (surprise) Millennier, Inc. that focuses on reaching millennials (surprise again). I’ve had the amazing opportunity to assemble a team of incredibly talented and creative individuals with whom I’m expanding the work I’ve been doing solo for the last couple years. Every member of our creative team is a working professional in the fields in which they specialize. They are also millennials. Our main focus is online content & strategy – what a brand says and how – which will also continue to be a topic on this blog.

The website is Millennier-Inc.com for those interested – if you or your company is serious about reaching millennials and would like to work together, just drop me a line and be sure to mention you’re a reader of this blog.

New Gig: Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

I have been asked to lead a marketing panel at this year’s Unified Wine & Grape Symposium called What Matters To Millennials. Joining me onstage will be Adam Beaugh, Social Media Director of Jackson Family Wines, and Meagan Callahan, Communications Coordinator for Paso Robles Wine Alliance and CRAVE – both millennials. If you will be at Unified this year, be sure to stop by the panel and say hi. More on this in the weeks leading up to the Symposium.

New Approach: More Frequency

Beginning this month, I will be posting to Millennier.com with a wider range of topics and more frequency. In my day to day life, I mainline millennial and marketing news – much of this is news that readers of this blog would find quite valuable, or at least interesting.  Starting in the next couple weeks, in addition to the highly opinionated theory & application pieces you’re used to seeing on this blog, you’ll see some smaller, more frequent posts relating to news, trends, etc.

New Priority: You

Without getting too schmaltzy about it, I think it’s appropriate to mention that I’ve come to realize this blog is not just an outlet or a soapbox – it’s a relationship between you, the reader, and me, the blogger. Ok, a strange one, but a relationship nonetheless. Over the last couple years I’ve found that I no longer write posts because I want to say something, I write them because I hope to communicate what I have learned on to a savvy group of readers for their own use. I write here because I hope these posts are of value to YOU. For this reason, I hope to hear from you – especially with the addition of the new posts – with your feedback. If you like a post – let me know. If you hate one – let me know. I’ve found these discussions to be more energizing and enlightening than any article or case study one can read. Your comments tend to stick with me – I talk about them over dinner and discuss your POVs on weekends with friends.  In return, I’m making a commitment to be more active in responding to your comments.

Thank you very much for being a reader. I wish you much professional badassery in the New Year.


-Leah Hennessy

twitter: @millennier

facebook: /millennier.inc