A very interesting article came out this month on millennials and wine. It came out on my birthday, in fact, and I do consider it a bit of a gift. I think this signals an important time in the wine industry and wanted to share it on the blog.


I am incredibly impressed by the fact that – according to the article – the enormous corporation that is Constellation has somehow decided to focus on the millennial demographic AND create an effective way to track their results. I can’t say that Constellation is doing it right or wrong based on what I’ve read*, but I’m thrilled to see they’re trying.

And to make things a bit more interesting, I hear they’re not the only ones getting serious about Millennials on a scale this big.

It has begun. (Finally.)


*though I do find it hilarious that they did a tweet-up for the Mondavi brand and are saying that it affected millennial sales – bit of a stretch guys. Unless they are led by Lady Gaga, tweet ups aren’t the best way to reach us – especially with a brand like Mondavi.