When I’m out speaking about marketing, especially millennial marketing, I often get asked the question “Who is doing it right?” For a long while there, I would answer by telling people to look outside of the wine industry. Sure, there have been brands (albeit few and far between) that attempt to reach out to this demographic… that doesn’t mean that they’re doing it right.  I certainly have my LEAST favorites – the one dimensional, the condescending, the identity-challenged, and the ever-present corporate mistakes – but this week is a week of thanks and celebration, right? So I’ll focus on a couple positives that have JUST surfaced.

I became aware of these two brands within a week of each other, and after a long summer and quiet fall, I’m thrilled to say that hope springs anew for you, wine industry. Now, I can’t say that I’m the adorable, rat-tailed, 27-year-old neophyte I once was when I started this blog, breathlessly waiting for the wine industry to understand the value of millennials and catch-the-eff-up. Nope. Now I’m 30, married, and jaded enough to understand that this is an industry that will resist change on pretty much every level and damn the torpedoes. (You don’t agree? Really? Then tell me about it in the comments.)

Here is what I’m so excited about. Amazingly, one of these is a new brand of Rutherford Wine Co. (omg – change!) – makers of design-competition favorite Predator. I initially came across this on the (wonderful) package design blog The Dieline on November 14th, and it has since made the rounds on some of the most exciting design blogs out there.

Cuboid Photo

Sexy boxed wine! Yeah! This seems to be a one-off type brand exclusively available at Total Wines & More – I was unable to find any serious information from their almost-completely-bare facebook page. They also don’t seem to own up to it on their own website. But hey, it’s a start. And it’s GORGEOUS.

The other brand I’m ridiculously tickled by is LA Bubbly. Developed by Charleston, SC wine bar owner Brad Ball and one Harry Root, it makes me swoon. Apparently only available in his bar and some Southeast Whole Foods, this is a very exciting new brand – many many thanks to the illustrious Dale Cruse for bringing these guys to my attention. From site design to labels to copy and attitude, I can’t remember when I’ve been more excited about a brand. Well, a brand that I haven’t worked with, anyway.

Think these are stupid? Destined to fail?  Inspiring? Well, I have a feeling you’ll tell me in the comments.