Napa, CA – In a stunning turn of events this morning, a Winery has publicly confirmed that yes, they are indeed releasing a Wine. Rumors began earlier this week, when a press release was sent to a select few in the know from a third-party source announcing that the Winery would be taking action. This announcement sent sparks flying through the industry, suggesting not only that the forthcoming Wine was picked as grapes, fermented, aged, and then bottled, but also was apparently quite an undertaking as it required “a thorough understanding of the winemaking process.”

The Winery, founded specifically to accomplish this feat, confirmed that the rumors were indeed true just this morning. Further digging uncovered the fact that not only would the Wine be released this year, but that it has, in fact, been released every year in recent memory. The Wine costs over $100 and according to the winery is totally worth it.