About Leah Hennessy

Leah Hennessy  is a marketing consultant in the wine & beverage industries. Her specialties include digital marketing, branding, product development, DTC, and of course, reaching millennials.

Based in Los Angeles, Leah’s background is in the entertainment industry at a large Hollywood agency. What began as personal research on the impact of millennials on US lifestyle industries soon became a full transition into wine. Drawing from her Hollywood experience, at 27 years old she set out to right the wrongs of marketing to her generation – and has been working at it ever since.

Leah lives in Los Angeles with her husband and loves her work, her music, and a good adventure every now and then.
Follow her at @millennier.

In The News:

July 2013 – Leah invited to speak at the AWITC in Sydney in 2013.

March 2012 – Leah interviewed and featured in the Washington Post article, Hopes of the Wine Industry Rest on Millennial Shoulders, printed 3/21.

January 2011 – Leah invited to lead a panel entitled “What Matters To Millennials” at the 2011 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.

December 2010 – Leah in AdAge Magazine (Dec. 6th print issue) for Millennials: The Great White Hope for Wine Industry.

September 2010 – Leah recognized in Wine Enthusiast Magazine (Sept. 2010) for her continued work regarding millennials in wine.