About Millennier

Millennier is a now-archival but still highly opinionated resource on the millennial generation and the wine industry. While this blog is no longer active, please feel free to check out Leah’s current project, her online wine school, You Heart Wine.

About Leah Hennessy

Leah Hennessy is an experienced marketing pro in the wine & beverage and online media industries. Her specialties include digital marketing, branding, product development, DTC, and of course, reaching millennials.

Leah’s professional background is in the entertainment industry at a large Hollywood agency. What began as personal research on the impact of millennials on US lifestyle industries soon became a full transition into wine. Drawing from her Hollywood experience, at 27 years old she set out to right the wrongs of marketing to her generation – creating Millennier in the process. During her time in the wine industry she met with great success, gaining the opportunities to spread her message, meet her heroes, and explore wine and marketing on a worldwide stage. In 2012, she transitioned back into media becoming the VP of Marketing at a Hollywood-based media company working in the online editorial, video, and television platforms.

Ever the millennial, in 2014 Leah made the jump from corporate and professional life in Los Angeles and moved back to Upstate NY where she began learning to farm. She is now a professional goatherd (yes for real) and hopes to start her own small horse-powered farm in the next couple years. She is putting her wine and marketing skills to use at her online wine school You Heart Wine.
Follow her at @_leahhennessy

In The News For Wine:

July 2013 – Leah speaks at the AWITC in Sydney in 2013.

March 2012 – Leah interviewed and featured in the Washington Post article, Hopes of the Wine Industry Rest on Millennial Shoulders, printed 3/21.

January 2011 – Leah invited to lead a panel entitled “What Matters To Millennials” at the 2011 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.

December 2010 – Leah in AdAge Magazine (Dec. 6th print issue) for Millennials: The Great White Hope for Wine Industry.

September 2010 – Leah recognized in Wine Enthusiast Magazine (Sept. 2010) for her continued work regarding millennials in wine.