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Illinois Sparkling Co. Stereo Blend

Well readers, it’s been a while. A long while. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back.I’d love to say that I’ve been off relaxing or recharging or whatever important thing people say they’re doing here in LA when they really just sit around all day drinking by the pool.No, fortunately things have been pretty exciting around these parts – some big changes have gone down and even more are coming.  I’ve even gotten the opportunity to work on a few dream projects (think big, people, very big) – more on this later. Now that things are leveling out a bit, it looks like I’m once again ready to bring the heat. Or at least , you know, write some stuff.In the meantime, the approach to and ideas behind everything I’ve been working on are rooted here in this blog. I think it’s time to come full circle, show some love, and bring everything up to date. Consider the following a montage of what I’ve been up to, set to an inspiring-yet-nostalgic song.


Brand Identity, Label design, Marketing – Launched December 2011

Illinois Sparkling Co. Stereo Blend


Brand Identity, Product Development, Label Designs – Launching Winter 2012


The Coil & The Professor


Social Media Campaigns, Marketing Strategy – Check out the facebook page here.

Infinite Monkey Theorem based in Denver, Co

Canned Sparkling Wine Launch Teaser


Strategy, Education, Video work (with Dru Korab)

Knowhow Shop’s Tumblr Blog

Garden Show Vid


I mean, it’s super-secret, but I’m ridiculously excited so I’m putting it in here anyway. I promise to share when I can.



Print design, Art Direction, Vow Taking 

Signs & Programs

 Working it.


Unified Wine & Grape Symposium: Apparently Millennials Are Now A Big Deal!

Standing room only at the Unified "What Matters To Millennials" panel last week.

After a pretty amazing week at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, things in LA are pretty tame in comparison – even with all the catch-up to be done. I want to thank everyone who attended the panel that I led on Tuesday (What Matters To Millennials) – I was blown away at the turn out! I also want to extend my apologies for not having a longer Q & A (my favorite part) – I totally would have gone over our allotted time with more Q & A  if I wasn’t too preoccupied with prep to check the schedule beforehand and realize we were the last presentation in the room. Oh well, next time. I’m sorry.

For readers and attendees not following the hashtag on twitter, here’s a quick pic that I took from the stage:

Standing room only at the Unified "What Matters To Millennials" panel last week.

I learned so much from the feedback that I received – I’m certainly looking forward to doing this again. (I’ll be sure to post future speaking engagements on this blog from now on.) My fellow panel members Adam Beaugh of Jackson Family Wines and Meagan Callahan of The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance (both millennials) and I have been getting several requests for the presentation. Here’s the deal:

A link to download the presentation is available at

I’ve made the decision to make it available as a .pdf download rather than a slideshare because, well, it was carefully created by the three of us to be presented face to face, and not as a stand-alone show. If you did not attend and really want to hear the audio that went with it, the fine folks at All Star Media have made an mp3 audio recording available for us, and is available for download at the link above (warning: the file is quite large).

So, now that I know the (surprising) demand for material like this, I’ve decided to create a few more distance-friendly decks available throughout the year. For free. I’ll be sure to post the links on this blog when I do so.

Additionally, I always felt that online seminars were kind of douche-y, but if there’s actually a demand for more panels like this (that don’t cost hundreds of $$ and a plane ride to attend), I’ll cough up the cash for a go-to-meeting seminar-thing and host one online. And do my best to make it NOT douche-y (but it would be an online seminar and it would cost SOMETHING to attend, so that might be kind of difficult…). Please let me know in the comments or by email if this is something that ANYONE would care about – if it is, I’ll work on putting one together.

Back to the grind now – getting ready for some serious posts. Looking forward to answering some questions in the weeks ahead. If anyone has something they would like me to magnanimously donate my two cents on, please feel free to leave a question in the comments.