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Speaking Publicly: Wine Bloggers Conference Millennials and Wine Panel

For those folks who are heading to the Wine Bloggers’ Conference this year in Virginia, swing by the Millennials and Wine panel on Friday for some honest education on this “hot topic.” I’ll be speaking on the panel, led by Joe Roberts of 1WineDude, along with Pia Mara Finkell and Hunter Smith.

After speaking with everyone on a call last week, I can honestly say that I’m super psyched to speaking with these guys (I sense zero bullshit), and I’m looking forward to hearing their opinions on some of the tougher questions that are bound to pop up. Most importantly, we will be probably the handsomest panel at WBC. Reason enough to stop by.

We will be focusing on questions during our hour and fifteen minutes. I’m constantly impressed by the insights and opinions I read in the comments on this blog, and I wanted to open the floor up to you all.

Do you have questions that you’d like the panel and I to cover on Friday?  Bring it! Just leave it in the comments below.


New: Short Presentation on US Millennials & Wine

French Wine & Spirits Connection

Aaand it’s been a whole month since I last posted – shame on me.

Things have been fast and furious in the world of Millennier including international jet-setting and a speaking engagement in February for UBIFRANCE and the French Trade Commission for the French Wine Connection 2011 in Los Angeles. I was asked to speak to roughly 30 French wine producers about millennials in the US marketplace.

French Wine & Spirits Connection

Logo & Flyer for the French Wine & Spirits Connection this year.

It is a very simple overview with some foundation data on the generation and consumption designed to introduce non marketing-types to the demographic. If you feel you have a good working knowledge on the generation (and if you’re a reader of this blog, then I’ll bet that you do), then this presentation may not be for you. However, if you’re looking to educate someone who’s just learning about the generation (a boss, an employee, etc.) you may find it helpful.

The video of last year’s UBIFRANCE event.

UBIFRANCE will have a video of the presentation at some point, but the deck is available at



Unified Wine & Grape Symposium: Apparently Millennials Are Now A Big Deal!

Standing room only at the Unified "What Matters To Millennials" panel last week.

After a pretty amazing week at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, things in LA are pretty tame in comparison – even with all the catch-up to be done. I want to thank everyone who attended the panel that I led on Tuesday (What Matters To Millennials) – I was blown away at the turn out! I also want to extend my apologies for not having a longer Q & A (my favorite part) – I totally would have gone over our allotted time with more Q & A  if I wasn’t too preoccupied with prep to check the schedule beforehand and realize we were the last presentation in the room. Oh well, next time. I’m sorry.

For readers and attendees not following the hashtag on twitter, here’s a quick pic that I took from the stage:

Standing room only at the Unified "What Matters To Millennials" panel last week.

I learned so much from the feedback that I received – I’m certainly looking forward to doing this again. (I’ll be sure to post future speaking engagements on this blog from now on.) My fellow panel members Adam Beaugh of Jackson Family Wines and Meagan Callahan of The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance (both millennials) and I have been getting several requests for the presentation. Here’s the deal:

A link to download the presentation is available at

I’ve made the decision to make it available as a .pdf download rather than a slideshare because, well, it was carefully created by the three of us to be presented face to face, and not as a stand-alone show. If you did not attend and really want to hear the audio that went with it, the fine folks at All Star Media have made an mp3 audio recording available for us, and is available for download at the link above (warning: the file is quite large).

So, now that I know the (surprising) demand for material like this, I’ve decided to create a few more distance-friendly decks available throughout the year. For free. I’ll be sure to post the links on this blog when I do so.

Additionally, I always felt that online seminars were kind of douche-y, but if there’s actually a demand for more panels like this (that don’t cost hundreds of $$ and a plane ride to attend), I’ll cough up the cash for a go-to-meeting seminar-thing and host one online. And do my best to make it NOT douche-y (but it would be an online seminar and it would cost SOMETHING to attend, so that might be kind of difficult…). Please let me know in the comments or by email if this is something that ANYONE would care about – if it is, I’ll work on putting one together.

Back to the grind now – getting ready for some serious posts. Looking forward to answering some questions in the weeks ahead. If anyone has something they would like me to magnanimously donate my two cents on, please feel free to leave a question in the comments.