Speaking Publicly: Wine Bloggers Conference Millennials and Wine Panel

For those folks who are heading to the Wine Bloggers’ Conference this year in Virginia, swing by the Millennials and Wine panel on Friday for some honest education on this “hot topic.” I’ll be speaking on the panel, led by Joe Roberts of 1WineDude, along with Pia Mara Finkell and Hunter Smith. After speaking with everyone on a call last week, I can honestly say that I’m super psyched to speaking with these guys (I sense zero bullshit), and I’m looking forward to hearing their opinions on some of the… Read More »

Wine Industry: Please Try Harder

I thought long and hard before I put up my last post. It’s a little harsh (surprise) – but it’s honest. And it’s important for me to support that POV with some more information. Typed information. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, feel free take the 30 seconds or so to get caught up. Now do me a favor. Think about who your competitors are in the market place. Go ahead. Have a name or two in mind? Good. Now think again. Your competitor isn’t that winery… Read More »

Dear Wine Industry: Put Your Back Into It.

Dear Wine Industry Letter Image

  Another tough love letter to the wine industry. I’m tough on you because I know you can do better.

Wine Focusing on Millennials: The Beast Awakens

A very interesting article came out this month on millennials and wine. It came out on my birthday, in fact, and I do consider it a bit of a gift. I think this signals an important time in the wine industry and wanted to share it on the blog.   I am incredibly impressed by the fact that – according to the article – the enormous corporation that is Constellation has somehow decided to focus on the millennial demographic AND create an effective way to track their results. I can’t say… Read More »

Here’s Your Sense Of Entitlement

Not Great Expectations

Welcome to my world. I’m not going to lie – overall it’s pretty awesome. It’s fun, weird, creative, but also at times incredibly annoying. For example, do you want to know what I hear ALL DAY LONG? No? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. “Millennials have an unrealistic sense of entitlement” “Millennials feel entitled to anything and everything” “Trophy kids” So admittedly I hear more than this all day, like how we don’t spend money on wine (bull) and how we’re just not “mature” enough to understand how wine… Read More »

Dear Wine Industry: Thought You Should Know

Dear Wine Industry: There's a rumor going around that says...

Dear Wine Industry…Another tough love letter

New: Short Presentation on US Millennials & Wine

French Wine & Spirits Connection

Aaand it’s been a whole month since I last posted – shame on me. Things have been fast and furious in the world of Millennier including international jet-setting and a speaking engagement in February for UBIFRANCE and the French Trade Commission for the French Wine Connection 2011 in Los Angeles. I was asked to speak to roughly 30 French wine producers about millennials in the US marketplace. It is a very simple overview with some foundation data on the generation and consumption designed to introduce non marketing-types to the demographic…. Read More »

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium: Apparently Millennials Are Now A Big Deal!

Back from the Unified panel on millennials! I learned so much from the feedback that I received – I’m certainly looking forward to doing this again. My fellow panel members Adam Beaugh and Meagan Callahan (both millennials) and I have been getting several requests for the presentation. Here’s the deal…

Dear Wine Industry: 70 Million Millennials Aren’t Going To Just Disappear So Deal With It

"Dear Wine Industry" handwritten letter

A handwritten note to the Wine Industry on the concept of millennials as a buzzword and how 70 million people aren’t just going to disappear.

Nielsen Urges Alcohol Beverage Industry: Pay Attention to Millennials

A New Landscape.

Nielsen research is throwing down the proverbial gauntlet to alcohol beverage industries urging them to pay attention to the millennial generation. The article, released yesterday and entitled “Millennials Redefine The Alcohol Beverage Landscape,” not only includes the old chestnut of made-up words “future-proofing” but also includes a new favorite quote of mine: “Without a doubt, millennials are a large and influential generation and alcohol beverage companies need to know their taste and buying preferences in order to take advantage of the trends that can greatly impact business.”