A Note To Readers

Dear Readers,

Welcome back! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that you’re all having fun accidentally writing “2010” on important documents. Before the shine and sparkle of the New Year wears off completely, I wanted to take the opportunity to touch base and bask in its retreating glow for just a second by mentioning a few exciting updates:

WHY SO SERIOUS? Brands Today Need To Grow A Sense Of Humor

Why So Serious Joker

Stop taking yourself so seriously! It’s some advice that almost any brand could (and should) use. That being said, I don’t know if I can think of an entire industry that is in such dire need of a playful shot in the arm as wine is right now.

CRAVE: Is This The New Wine Event Trend For 2011?

CRAVE crowd

I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to attend a very unique wine event, thanks to the folks at the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance. CRAVE is a wine event specifically designed to reach out to millennials and introduce them – glass in hand – to Paso Robles producers. It also happens to be awesome.

Newsflash Millennials: Spending, “Selfishness,” and Social Currency

So you want to know about millennials, eh? Take a look at some of the latest headlines and get some important insights as well as a bit of myth-busting on this mysterious generation.


Why Bother?

Most of the opposing feedback I get about millennials can be summed up with the following question:
Great question.
Here’s the answer:

Building a Brand: What Makes You Unique?

What makes your brand unique? This is the first question you should be asking yourself if you are looking to create or revamp your brand. See if you pass the pop quiz.

And This Is How You Do Creative Branding: Featuring Gary Numan and Cars

Wine has been using the same marketing and branding for the last 40 years. Maybe it’s time we learned a little something from the folks at Die Hard Batteries. And Gary Numan.

Good Wine, Ugly Sweater: Why Branding Matters

ugly sweater party

The Barefoot brand is notoriously huge, corporate, tacky and “cheap” – at least to most young wine drinkers. But why? Millennials certainly don’t have these issues with other “value-based” brands – Yellowtail and 2 Buck Chuck are perennial 20-something faves from the bargain section. What’s the difference? Branding.

Millennial-Focused Next Gen Wine Competition in Pictures

I was very thankful to be a judge at the millennial-focused Next Gen Wine Competition. I honestly feel that this could be a very important moment in wine – and I don’t just think that because I was a part of it. I’ll be writing a full post on this moment in the coming week, but in the meantime here are some slices of the experience from my point of view.

WTF? Millennier Walks the Walk

I’ve been writing on Millennier for a little over a year now, discussing many different facets of the buying power and influence of millennials for the wine industry. There’s been theory, there’s been practical applications, and there’s been examples of companies trying/succeeding/failing to reach this demographic group. So, one could say I’ve been “talking the talk.” What many people don’t know is that during this time I’ve also been walking the walk and reaching out to millennials myself with my group WTFLA.